Last Updated : 13-Oct-2017

ODEPC Conducts interview through CPL Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare recruitment agency authorized to recruit in United Kingdom,  to recruit Nurses who are interested to work in St. GEORGE University Hospital (NHS Trust)

St. George’s Hospital is one of the UK’s largest healthcare organisations and has an established national and international reputation as a leading hospital for specialist care including neurosciences, cardiac care, stroke and cancer. St. Georges Hospital was recently recognised as a Foundation Trust; it employs 8,000 staff and serves a population of 1.3 million.   


Interview in 2017 November 20th, 21st, and 22nd  at Kochi

Vacancies exist Medicine  • Surgery • Cardiology  • Senior Health • Neonates  • Stroke/ Neuro Rehab • Neurology  • Vascular   


Job offer includes:

  • Salary Scale £22,128 - £28,746 per annum
  • High Cost area supplement: £4,426 per annum
  • Initial three year contract with a view to a permanent contract  
  • OSCE exam training and support  
  • Additional shift related payments  
  • Up to 27 days of annual leave and 8 public holidays  
  • Bank work available to enhance pay   


Application Requirements

•       General Nursing Degree

•       Completed UKVI IELTS (not older than 2 years) (R/L/W/S: 7.0 OA: 7.0) or proof of a booking confirmation for an IELTS examination (booking must be before 31st November 2017)

•       Minimum of 12 months post qualification acute nursing experience

•       Be fully Committed to relocating to the UK


If you are interested please send the following documents to before 10th November 2017.


•             CV as per the format ( click here )

•             IELTS Score sheet / Proof of date booking for IELTS exam

•             Copy of Passport


The documents submitted in the right format only will be forwarded to CPL Healthcare. They will conduct a screening interview by telephone, after seeking your convenience. You can attend the face-to-face interview in November, only if succeeded in the screening interview. Please check your email everyday for any communication from ODEPC/CPL.