Board of Directors

The company is controlled by the Government and is functioning under the Ministry of Labour,Government of Kerala. The Director Board in ODEPC is appointed by the Government of the state. 

The Board members are comprised of senior Government Officials including officers from the Indian Administrative Service. The present members of the Board are:

1 Shri. N. Sasidharan Nair
Chairman, ODEPC Ltd Thiruvananthapuram


Shri Sriram Venkittaraman, IAS
Managing Director, ODEPC Ltd,
and Director, Employment & Training Department


Shri. K. Biju IAS
Labour Commissioner

4 Shri. A. Alexander
Additional Labour Commissioner


Shri. G. Sreeni
Deputy Secretary, Finance Department

6 Smt. Sonia Washington
Deputy Secretary, Labour & Skills Department 
7 Smt. K.P. Beena
Under Secretary, Law Department 
8 Shri. Purushothama Kaimal
CMS 137, Rohini, Cherthala